Sunday, May 9, 2021

Forged in a Pandemic

Photo by Zoë Birkbeck Photography © 2021

The national lockdown was not all bad news… Alice Fforde and Charlie Dryden were students at LAMDA when the pandemic hit. With the acting world in complete disarray and no chance of gainful employment, the only way forward was to carve their own route into the industry. 

Quackpot Productions is a UK based Theatre Production Company headed by a male and female writing team. A fusion of comedy and drama; North meets South. Day-long Zoom meetings confirmed that they wrote better as a team, working collaboratively to conceive ideas, write professional scripts and produce a finished mini-series. 

A recent lockdown achievement was the conception, writing, filming, editing, production and marketing of a six-part mini-series ‘Lockdown Love Story’ – a comedy highlighting the ‘ups and downs’ of online dating during a pandemic. The show received recognition from Ricky Gervais, ‘The Wombles’ and Yorkshire Tea!

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